Has the rise of the Brexit party blown away Ukip?

New party leading European election polls, with support for Farage’s former party Ukip dropping to 3%Sitting in his glass-walled managing director’s office in east London, Lance Forman contemplates the logistics of potentially taking not only a second job, but a second job which is based in two, separate overseas cities.“From what I understand, the amount of time one needs to spend in Brussels or Strasbourg is actually not that onerous,” he says, hopefully. “And I’ve learned how to delegate.” Continue reading...

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Jews in Germany warned of risks of wearing kippah cap in public

Government commissioner says lifting of inhibitions and rise of uncouthness are factors behind rising incidence of antisemitismGermany’s government commissioner on antisemitism has warned Jews about the potential dangers of wearing the traditional kippah...

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Mexican military helicopter crashes, killing six

A Mexican military helicopter engaged in firefighting operations crashed in central Mexico on Friday, killing five members of the Navy crew and an inspector with the national forestry commission, the Navy said on Saturday.

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