Meteors review – portents of tragedy in Turkey

The trauma of a state crackdown on one village finds celestial expression in this poetic film by Turkish director Gürcan KeltekThe Turkish film-maker Gürcan Keltek has found a Shakespearean dimension to a suppressed news story in his native land: a suspicion of macrocosmic disorder, of falcons being hawked at and killed by mousing owls, a rumour that disorder below had led to upheaval in the heavens above.In 2015, the murder of a Turkish soldier, allegedly by members of the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK), led to an immense and brutal crackdown by the state, directed at separatists in south-eastern Turkey. It was a full-scale military assault whose fatalities have never yet been properly assessed, and led to a grim curfew – none of which made it on to the news. Continue reading...

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