Fortnite Unveils The Block At The Game Awards

Fortnite's Donald Mustard appeared at The Game Awards to make a special announcement. In a short trailer, a giant slab called The Block flattened Risky Reels, just as it happened in the actual game. This new space goes hand-in-hand with the new Creative mode and will serve as the showcase for unique new content.The Block will be the dedicated area for player-created content, and players will help determine what gets featured in that area. Mustard didn't detail just how players will choose, or how often it will swap out. He did tease that Risky Reels could return someday, but it's been replaced by The Block for the foreseeable future.Epic had already said that the Game Awards announcement wouldn't have to do with the launch of Season 7 and that it wasn't merely the Creative mode, but those both came back-to-back regardless. The new season adds a series of icy areas to the familiar map, along with a plane that can seat up to five players.Naturally it also comes alongside a new Battle Pass with its own set of new skins, new pets, and other cosmetics to collect. Check out the full Season 7 patch notes for more details. This all coincided with the release of new challenges and other adjustments to the game, such as a variety of items being placed in the Vault.

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