New PUBG Snow Map Revealed In Game Awards Trailer; Playable Now In PC Test Servers

A new trailer for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds newest map has been revealed. The reveal occurred during this year's Game Awards.The trailer doesn't reveal what the new map might look like, as it was entirely cinematic. However, the end of the trailer announced that the map is now playable in test servers on PC and coming to Xbox One and PS4 in January 2019. The map was first teased at E3 2018 and originally scheduled to come to both PC and Xbox One in Winter 2018.As opposed to the traditional 100-player free-for-all, PUBG's new snow map, called Vikendi, pits two teams of six against each other. The map adds a new snowmobile vehicle, and players will leave traceable footprints in the snow. This means it will be easy to track your enemy, but you can also be easily led into a trap as well. The map is 6x6 squares, making it smaller than Erangel and Miramar but larger than Sanhok.The Game Awards are still going on, and you can watch the show here. We're compiling all the announcements in one article in case you missed anything.In our PUBG review, Michael Higham gave the game an 8/10, writing, "PUBG's technical shortcomings can undermine its broader achievements on rare occasions, but they don't override your desire to continue playing. Each phase of a match presents a different type of tension that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying, driven by the insatiable desire to be the last person (or squad) standing. Whether you play solo or in a group, successfully executing adaptive tactics to win intense, high-stakes firefights makes for an incredibly rewarding experience."

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