Brexit: five things we learned this week

Where do Theresa May’s Brexit plans stand after another week of intense political wrangling?1. The cabinet will meet next week to agree its Brexit negotiating position. Theresa May told ministers on Tuesday to “stand by their diaries” and reread their previous Brexit papers for the crunch meeting, which is expected to take place on either Monday or Tuesday. There is also likely be a warm-up conference call over the weekend for the prime minister to “sell progress” to colleagues in an attempt to sign up to an agreed position.2. Resolving the Irish backstop is the critical question. The backstop was intended to be an insurance policy to avoid a hard border in Ireland if no long-term free trade can be signed by the end of the transition period in 2020. Theresa May’s desired version has the UK agreeing to keeping the whole country in a customs union if needed. However, hard-Brexit Conservatives are concerned that without easy exit clauses the temporary arrangement could become permanent. Continue reading...

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Erdoğan chides Bolton and calls on US to hand over Syria bases

US security chief tempers withdrawal claims, jeopardising Turkey’s plans to target Kurdish groupsTurkey has asked Washington to hand over its bases in Syria as the Trump administration appeared to reverse plans to withdraw from the country’s north-east on...

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Charge for migrants to use NHS doubles to £400

The Home Office has doubled a charge for migrants to use the NHS, in a move that has been criticised for its impact on NHS workers and young people who have been in the UK since childhood.

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'El Chapo' hitman had soundproof 'murder room'

One of Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's trusted hitmen kept a soundproof "murder room" with a drain to speed up messy executions, jurors have been told.

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French ministers aghast at support for boxer who fought police

A former French boxing champion who surrendered to police after he was filmed raining blows on riot officers during a "yellow vest" protest has received tens of thousands of euros in public donations, infuriating government ministers.

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Monsanto patent victory seen spurring biotech investment in India

India's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Monsanto can claim patents on its genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds, a victory for the U.S. company that is expected to encourage biotechnology firms to step up investment in the country.

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