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Also this week: Raab’s realisation that while no man is an island the UK might be, and a lying DutchmanThe culture and media secretary, Jeremy Wright, used his keynote speech to the Society of Editors to tell everyone that he never bothers to read the newspapers. Pressed to name a single woman columnist, Wright became defensive and said he wasn’t going to indulge in “a pub quiz”. Second question, name the capital of France. As his department also covers digital and sport, no doubt we can soon expect him to admit he doesn’t watch TV, read books, use the internet or go to theatre, concerts or sporting events. Then Theresa May does have form for appointing people with no obvious credentials to big jobs. Chris Grayling’s lack of aptitude for anything hasn’t stopped him becoming transport secretary and Karen Bradley was made Northern Ireland secretary despite being clueless that the the province was divided along sectarian lines. Also this week, we had the Brexit secretary Dominic Raab – a man who apparently prides himself on his intellect – saying he hadn’t appreciated “the peculiar geographic economic entity that is the United Kingdom”. By which he meant he hadn’t realised the UK was an island. Then we have the strange case of the philosopher Roger Scruton. No one is quite sure whether it’s his work on aesthetics and Kant or his homophobia and Islamophobia that qualify him for the job of housing tsar. Continue reading...

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