Resizing of land 'will be a big test for Zim govt to rope in white farmers'

Zimbabwean former head of the Commercial Framers Union, a grouping of mostly white farmers, has reportedly said that the country's ongoing land audit would be a "a big test" for the Zimbabwean government to rope in white farmers.

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Man charged in 'biggest sexual offence case in Norway's history'

Unnamed 26-year-old alleged to have targeted more than 300 boys and young menA 26-year-old man has been charged with sexual offences involving more than 300 boys and young men, in the biggest case of its kind in Norwegian history.The case follows an exhau...

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With horns or without? Swiss cows on the ballot

Switzerland votes this Sunday on an issue of national importance that has divided the Alpine country - whether to subsidize farmers who let their cows' and goats' horns grow naturally.

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Gunmen kidnap volunteer, shoot children in Kenya

Wounded children were being treated in hospital on Wednesday after gunmen kidnapped an Italian volunteer in southeast Kenya and shot five people, police said, in the first abduction of a foreigner since a series of raids blamed on Somali Islamist militant...

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Blow for Russia as Interpol elects new President

International police body Interpol elected Kim Jong-yang of South Korea as president on Wednesday, beating a Russian national whose candidacy had raised concerns in Europe and the United States about the risk of Kremlin interference.

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Solving the 'Brexodus' of workers

Britain’s imminent departure from the EU raises the prospect of a serious migrant labor shortage – and a robot that picks fruit is being touted as one solution. What will the world of farming, construction and other fields look like after Brexit?

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Terror of gang violence drives migrant caravans northward

Former Honduran policeman Ivan says he moved homes so many times to escape the street gangs that terrorize his Central American country that he lost count. Fearful his sons would have to join the gangs or be killed, he eventually joined thousands of Hondu...

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