Bavaria election: rivals seek to gain from CSU's missteps

German party’s lurch to the right likely to benefit AfD and Greens in regional vote on SundayKatrin Ebner-Steiner huddles in a bus shelter, hacking at a plum cake with a flimsy plastic fork. The Bavarian face of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) is on the campaign trail, but she can afford to take time for a coffee break. Polls for Sunday’s regional election in Germany’s wealthy southern state predict the far-right party will comfortably enter Bavaria’s parliament for the first time, and help deny the once dominant Christian Social Union (CSU) its majority for only the second time since 1966.“The people here want a return to law and order,” says Ebner-Steiner, peering out over a quaint and apparently peaceful town square in Deggendorf, lower Bavaria. Nearly 20% of votes in this district went to the anti-immigrant party at last September’s national election. It is a result the party hopes to repeat at the regional vote on Sunday, the first time Germany’s fastest-growing party has run in Bavaria. Continue reading...

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