QuakeCon 2018: Quake Champions Is Permanently Free-To-Play Now

At QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda announced that Quake Champions would permanently remain a free-to-play title. Originally, anyone who downloaded the early access game within a limited time window got Quake Champions for free. Bethesda has just extended that deal indefinitely.Announced in 2017, Quake Champions is the long-awaited sequel to 2005's Quake 4. A class-based first-person shooter, Quake Champions features heated firefights across an assortment of battlefields and arenas. The game is one of our most anticipated exclusives coming to PC in 2018, launching sometime later this year.The announcement that Quake Champions is now free-to-play was accompanied by a new trailer. At the end of the trailer, players got a more in-depth look at Death Knight, one of the champions, and his gameplay. The trailer reveals that Death Knight is now available in Quake Champions.Even though Quake Champions is free, downloading the game won't net you its entire roster of diverse champions. If you want to start Quake Champions with everyone unlocked, you'll have to buy the Champions Pack.Also during QuakeCon, Bethesda showcased new gameplay trailers for Doom: Eternal and Rage 2. The Doom: Eternal trailer displayed new weapons and abilities, as well as exceptionally visceral combat. The Rage 2 trailer offers a more in-depth look at convoy takedowns.

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