WATCH: Moment Chinese military fire WARNING to US Navy monitoring SECRETIVE new island

A US Navy plane was repeatedly warned by the Chinese military to turn around and move away from Beijing’s secretive new islands in the South China Sea. Watch terrifying moment as it was captured on camera.

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100 days to Brexit, businesses and EU ramp up no-deal planning

With just 100 days until Brexit, businesses and the European Union ramped up planning for the risk that the United Kingdom will leave without a divorce deal, the nightmare scenario for many companies which are now planning for an economic shock.

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RPT-WRAPUP 1-Fed expected to raise rates, may signal fewer hikes ahead

The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates on Wednesday, but may cut the number of hikes it anticipates next year and signal an earlier end to its monetary tightening in the face of financial market volatility and rising recession fears.

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General Mills quarterly sales rise 5 percent

Cheerios cereal maker General Mills Inc on Wednesday reported a 5 percent rise in quarterly sales, helped by its acquisition of pet food maker Blue Buffalo.

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