Sick orca known as J50 has received antibiotics, still low chance of survival

After days of tracking the killer whale known as J50, Dr. Martin Haulena from the Vancouver Aquarium was finally able on Thursday to get close enough to administer of a dose of antibiotic through a dart.

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Academic charged with spying suffers 'health issues' in UAE

Durham and Exeter universities are ‘deeply concerned’ about Matthew Hedges’ welfareA British academic who has been accused of spying in the United Arab Emirates after travelling to Dubai to conduct research is said to be suffering from “significant health...

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Oldest Brazilian human fossil Luzia found amid National Museum debris

Museum director Alexander Kellner said the fossil was broken and 80% of its pieces had been recoveredOne of the most prized possessions of Brazil’s National Museum has been found amid debris after a huge fire on 2 September sent the building up in flames....

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Jamal Khashoggi is dead, Saudi Arabian state television confirms

Fight broke out between Khashoggi and those who met him consulate, announcement saidGen Ahmed al-Asiri is sacked from intelligence positionSaudi Arabia has said the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who disappeared after visiting the country’s consulate in Ista...

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USC agrees to $215 million over ex-gynecologist scandal

The University of Southern California has agreed to a $215 million settlement after hundreds of claims were made against the school for allegedly covering up sex abuse involving a former gynecologist for decades. Gavino Garay reports.

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INSIGHT: 59 dead as train crashes into crowd

At least 59 people were killed in northern India after a commuter train traveling at a high speed crashed into a crowd gathered for a festival celebration.

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A real undersea adventure

Explorers and scientists embark on a first of its kind mission to the bottom of all five oceans. Angela Moore reports.

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Russian indicted for 2018 election meddling

The U.S. government on Friday charged a Russian national with playing a key role in a Kremlin-backed plan to conduct “information warfare” against the United States, including influencing next month’s congressional elections.

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Rising anger in U.S. campaign ads

Many political ads in this year's U.S. elections pack an unusually harsh and personal punch, some with racial overtones. Roselle Chen reports.

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Bolton readies Moscow visit amid U.S. concerns about missile treaty

President Donald Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, will visit Moscow next week for talks that may include telling Russian officials that the United States plans to withdraw from the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

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