WATCH: Pentagon requests $8 billion for Space Force

The Trump campaign reached out to supporters to choose their favorite Space Force logo just after Vice President Mike Pence rolled out plans for the military branch.

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Post-Brexit migration system 'will be sucker punch to UK economy'

Business leaders criticise curbs on migrants earning £30,000, proposed in new white paperThe government’s proposals for a post Brexit immigration system will deal a “sucker punch” to the economy, leaving industry short of the migrant workforce they rely o...

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Facebook says users knew of tech firms' data access

Facebook said it did not give some companies access to people’s data without their permission, after the New York Times reported on Tuesday that the social network allowed some large technology companies greater access to user data.

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Corbyn did not call UK PM May a 'stupid woman': spokesman

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn did not call Prime Minister Theresa May "a stupid woman" under his breath in parliament on Wednesday but rather muttered "stupid people" in response to the pantomime atmosphere in the House of Commons, his spokesman sai...

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