Microsoft Stock Price Hits An All-Time High

Microsoft's stock price reached an all-time high at the close of market on Thursday. The Xbox company's share price ended the day up 2.2 percent to $104.19 per share.The surge in stock price comes just a week before Microsoft is due to report earnings next on July 19. As Investor's Business Daily explains, analysts are projecting Microsoft to report strong earnings with earnings-per-share rising 9 percent for the period.Microsoft is one of the biggest technology companies on this Planet Earth we call home. The company operates across a number of business sectors and segments, including Windows, Enterprise, cloud computing, and more, in addition to Xbox.At E3 this year, Microsoft announced that it had begun work on the next home console to follow the Xbox One. No further details about this system have been announced, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he wanted to show fans--and analysts alike--that Microsoft is committed to the gaming space.The next big gaming event of 2018 is Gamescom in August. We don't know what Microsoft may have planned, or if the company is even attending, but all eyes will be on Cologne, Germany next month where some big announcements for the industry overall are expected.

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