Gaza man's face badly damaged by Israeli tear gas canister

A Palestinian man whose face was severely damaged by an Israeli tear gas canister was shot into his mouth during a border protest last week has been allowed to leave Gaza for treatment at a Jerusalem hospital

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Poor Diet Might Raise Your Cancer Risk

The researchers estimated that dietary factors may have accounted for over 80,000 of the new invasive cancer cases reported in 2015, or about 5% of that year's total among U.S. adults.

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Donald Trump 'to bring all his adult children' on UK state visit

US reports say president will be accompanied by his wife, his four adult children and their partnersDonald Trump is to bring his own version of a royal court when he arrives in Britain for a state visit next next month with all his adult children and thei...

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The Traitor review – the real goodfellas: Cosa Nostra on trial

There are some show-stopping scenes in Bellocchio’s handsome true-crime movie about mafia informantsMarco Bellocchio’s The Traitor is a big, handsomely shot, true-crime gangster movie, ranging over 30 years from the early 1970s to the late 90s, scripted b...

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UK negotiates loophole in Saudi export ban to sell planes to Yemen

Government will continue to supply aircraft to be used in war, says Jeremy Hunt The UK government has negotiated a loophole in a German arms export ban to Saudi Arabia that will ensure UK-supplied planes will continue to be used in the war in Yemen, the f...

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Anxiety, but not fear, as Dow drops 400+ points, says trader

Quattro M Securities floor broker Peter Tuchman, arguably the most photographed trader on the New York Stock Exchange, tells Reuters' Fred Katayama investors may be selling Thursday to protect their profit ahead of the long holiday weekend.

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China accuses U.S. of meddling with Dominican Republic ties

China's Embassy in the Dominican Republic on Thursday accused the United States of trying to interfere in its relations with the Caribbean nation, condemning remarks it attributed to a U.S. official as "lacking in respect" to both nations.

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