US army to return remains of Native American children a century after their deaths

Remains of four children who died at government-run school in Pennsylvania more than 100 years ago being disinterredThe remains of four Native American children who died more than 100 years ago at a government-run Carlisle Indian industrial school they were obliged to attend in Pennsylvania were being disinterred Thursday so they can start the long journey home to their Native families scattered thousands of miles away across the American west.The US army started the process on Thursday at the cemetery on the grounds of the Carlisle barracks, which also houses the US army war college, but used to be the site of the so-called Carlisle Indian industrial school. The institution acted as an off-reservation boarding school in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where Native American children were sent from their tribal territories in western states, in order to be “Americanized”. The exhumations are expected to be completed in early July. Continue reading...

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Austria's 'Ibiza scandal': what happened and why does it matter?

Deputy leader and head of far-right party has resigned after video sting operationOn Friday night, two German media outlets published a video that shows the Austrian deputy chancellor and leader of the far-right Freedom party (FPÖ), Heinz-Christian Strach...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger 'not pressing charges' after drop-kick attack

Actor sends message of empathy to his assailant after initially failing to notice the flying kick into his back at sports galaArnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will not be taking legal action after he was attacked at a sports event in South Africa.Sc...

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Dozens killed in riot at Tajikistan prison holding Isis militants

Three prison guards and 29 inmates die in violence at 1,500-capacity jail in VahdatThree guards and 29 prisoners have been killed in a riot at a high-security jail in Tajikistan that holds Islamic State fighters, the country’s justice ministry has said.Th...

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Donald Trump's peace conference will fail, Palestinians say

‘Deal of the century’ will begin with economic workshop that does not address core disputesPeace efforts that ignore Palestinian political aspirations will fail, senior Palestinian officials have said, after the Trump administration announced an economic...

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What happens to my Huawei smartphone now?

Huawei smartphone and tablet owners are being left in a difficult position following US sanctions banning American companies from providing any technologies to the company.

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Indonesian ex-police brigadier says he was fired for being gay

A former Indonesian police brigadier has filed a complaint to the human rights commission claiming he was fired for being gay, his lawyers said on Monday, in what could be a test case on discrimination in the Southeast Asian country.

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Trump vs. House Democrats: 10 upcoming showdowns

U.S. President Donald Trump is refusing to cooperate with numerous congressional probes of himself and his administration, taking a defiant stance that is likely to result in a court battle with Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Indiana abortion cases ripe for U.S. Supreme Court action

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday could act on appeals seeking to revive two Republican-enacted abortion restrictions from Indiana, even as debate rages over a new measure in Alabama that would ban the procedure almost entirely.

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