Repression in Iran is getting worse: Trump must share the blame | Simon Tisdall

Since the US reneged on the nuclear deal, hardliners are tightening their grip – as the arrest of human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh showsThe arbitrary arrest and jailing of Nasrin Sotoudeh, a leading Iranian human rights lawyer, is a crude act of state aggression against a courageous individual, and another heavy blow to the rule of law in Iran. It comes amid an intensifying judicial crackdown on dissent, in particular on women protesters who refuse to wear the hijab in public. This, in turn, forms part of a wider, epic struggle for Iran’s democratic future.Sotoudeh has a long, proud record of challenging Iran’s powerful clerical establishment – but always within the legal framework of the post-1979 constitution. Her defence of political dissidents, juvenile offenders on death row, and the Nobel peace prize-winner, Shirin Ebadi, brought fame and persecution. Continue reading...

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