Greece reinforces land border with Turkey to stem flow of migrants

Athens rushes to counter fears of new crisis after arrival of nearly 3,000 people in AprilGreece has rushed to reinforce its land border with Turkey as fears mount over a sharp rise in the number of refugees and migrants crossing the frontier.Police patrols were augmented as local authorities said the increase in arrivals had become reminiscent of the influx of migrants on the Aegean islands close to the Turkish coast. About 2,900 people crossed the land border in April, by far surpassing the number who arrived by sea, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said. The figure represents half of the total number of crossings during the whole of 2017. Continue reading...

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Surprise truce brokered by Turkey and Russia spares Idlib – for now

One-month pause could lead to Syrian province staying out of the hands of Assad indefinitelyRelieved locals and rebel groups in Idlib have been trying to unpick details of an eleventh-hour truce that excludes much of the northern Syrian province from a Ru...

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Keir Starmer clashed with Corbyn on Brexit to brink of resignation

Shadow Brexit secretary said to have shown outrage at ‘ambush’ with customs union paper earlier this yearKeir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, was pushed to the brink of resignation early this year after Jeremy Corbyn and his allies tried to kick his...

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China strikes back with $60 billion in tariffs

China will levy tariffs on about $60 billion worth of U.S. goods in retaliation for new U.S tariffs, as a trade war between Beijing and Washington showed no signs of cooling.

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Romania sets date for referendum to block gay marriage

Romania set an Oct. 6-7 date for a referendum to change the constitutional definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman, aimed at preventing same sex partnerships from ever being legal in one of the few EU states to still ban them.

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Venezuela's Maduro says ex-military officers conspiring with U.S. help

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday said ex-military officers were conspiring against his government with the help of the United States, responding to a question about a report that U.S. officials met with military officers seeking his ouster.

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Coca-Cola buys Australia's kombucha maker Mojo

Coca-Cola Co said on Tuesday it bought Australia-based Organic & Raw Trading Co, known for its Mojo brand of kombucha tea, extending its push into healthier drinks.

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