In One Chart: Here’s a 10-step plan the stock market must complete to get back on track

The S&P 500 needs to follow the 10-step plan above to get back on track — and so far, it’s completed just the first three steps, says Instinet’s Frank Cappelleri.

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Clann Project Report slams State over adoption

The State is “perpetuating the abuse” suffered by victims of forced and illegal adoptions by refusing to grant adopted people full access to their personal files and birth records.

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Study: ‘Almost quarter of emergency admissions avoidable’

Almost a quarter of emergency department (ED) admissions could be potentially avoided in a better functioning health system, according to a new study indicating that some of those admissions are driven by deprivation, hospital practices, and health insura...

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China says internment camps are 'free vocational training'

A senior Chinese official is describing the mass internment of ethnic minority Muslims in the country's far west as a system of vocational training centers that saves Muslims from the lure of religious extremism by giving them employable skills

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