Syrian government rejects U.N.-led committee to alter constitution

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syria's government on Tuesday rejected efforts led by the United Nations to form a committee to rewrite Syria's constitution, the main result of a peace congress among Syrian groups in Russia last month.

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Dec. 15 - After a funeral service attended by 4,500 guests and watched by millions worldwide, Nelson Mandela's body was laid to rest in his boyhood home in Qunu. Jillian Kitchener reports.

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Momentum plots to take over Manchester City Council

A MOMENTUM supporter branded Labour councillors running Manchester “the Asian Godfather mafia” at a meeting last week. The unnamed activist also claimed that they “stopped democracy happening”.

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Labour leader poses 'dangerous' threat to free press

THE LABOUR leader’s threat to restrict Britain’s free press is “more dangerous” than any relationship he may once have enjoyed with a Soviet-controlled spy, the son of a leading Czech dissident warned last night.

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