At least eight killed, dozens hurt in fire, stampede in Portugal

LISBON (Reuters) - At least eight people have been killed and dozens injured in a fire and stampede in a local leisure association in the town of Vila Nova da Rainha in northern Portugal on Saturday night, officials said.

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Militants attack Iran military parade, killing 25

Dozens were killed today in an attack on a military parade in Iran. It happened in a Southwestern Province that is home to Iran's Arab minority. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.

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Puerto Rico's humanitarian crisis, one year after Hurricane Maria

One year ago, Puerto Rico was reeling in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria. In the following months, an estimated 3,000 people died from medical conditions that could not be treated in parts of the island. David Begnaud reports.

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Tiger Woods leads Tour Championship by 3 after third-round 65

ATLANTA -- Golfers know how nice it looks to see 3s on the scorecard, and Tiger Woods made a bunch of them Saturday at East Lake to take his first 54-hole lead in a tournament since his last victory in 2013. Woods began his round with 5 consec...

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