Romania expels pro-Russian Serb for photographing military radar

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - Romania has expelled a pro-Russian Serbian nationalist and banned him from entering the NATO member for 15 years after he showed an interest in obtaining classified information on military installations, state security said on Tuesday.

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Some traffic moving on Highway 1

Some traffic is flowing again along Highway 1 between Chilliwack and Hope. John Hua reports on how long it will be before there’s a full re-opening.

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Trail cameras set up to monitor urban coyotes

Vancouver homeowners are being recruited to set up trail cameras in their yards to monitor urban coyotes. Linda Aylesworth explains that the project hopes to discover.

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False Killer Whale dies at Vancouver Aquarium

The False Killer Whale named “Chester” that was rescued from a beach near Tofino in 2014 has died. Jennifer Palma reports on the unexpected turn he took earlier this week.

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Man charged after alleged naked rampage with pitchfork

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