Life and death of Irma: 2 weeks of fury and devastation end

The end of 2 weeks of destruction and fear: Irma, the monster hurricane, is no more as it whimpers out in an ordinary rainstorm in the U.S. interior

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Fianna Fáil’s threat to coalition’s future could weaken Ireland’s position as it goes into a critical phase of Brexit negotiations.The timing of Ireland’s Fianna Fáil party’s decision to pull the trigger on the coalition government couldn’t be worse in te...

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Hundreds killed in Egypt's worst-recorded militant attack

At least 235 have been killed in the deadliest insurgent attack to strike Egypt of modern times, where attackers bombed a Sinai mosque and gunned down fleeing worshipers and ambulance services. Matthew Larotonda reports.

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Baby-gender 'reveal' parties may have a dark side

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