Celtic pitch invasion fan admits assault

John Hatton jumped over a metal railing and ran on to the pitch at Celtic Park on Tuesday night.

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PM: Europe must be 'open-eyed' about Russia

Theresa May has warned European leaders to remain "open-eyed" to the threat of "hostile" Russia as she accused Moscow of attempting to destabilise the continent.

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China's first V.R. theme park brings a vision for growth

In the outskirts of Guiyang, the capital of one of China's poorest provinces, giant robots and futuristic cyberpunk castles rise out of the lush surrounding mountainscape - a vision of what could be driving local economic growth in years to come. Graham M...

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North Korea's wounded defector is a 'nice guy', says surgeon

North Korea’s latest defector, a young soldier known only by his family name Oh, is a quiet, pleasant man who has nightmares about being returned to the North, according to his South Korean surgeon. Grace Lee reports.

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