New advice needed on four-minute warning of nuclear attack | Letters

Paper-bag protection | End of the world | Use of ‘we’ in headlines | Krapp’s Last Tape | Mass tourismWhen I was in the lower sixth, in 1960, we had a talk by the WVS as part of a scheme whereby one in four women in the country would be advised what to do in case of nuclear war. The advice was to put a large paper bag over one’s head and get under the kitchen table. Since large paper bags are no longer generally available, and most people nowadays do not have a kitchen table, has this advice been updated? I think we should be told (US military ‘locked and loaded’, Trump tells North Korea, 12 August). Kaye McGannStandlake, Oxfordshire• Is this the way the world ends, not with a bang but a tweet?Dr Neil DenbyDenby Dale, West Yorkshire Continue reading...

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