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Game Of Thrones Sets Are Becoming Tourist Attractions

Game of Thrones, the acclaimed HBO fantasy show, has some of the most impressive sets on TV, and eventually you'll be able to visit them in person.Entertainment Weekly reports that "several" famous sets in Northern Ireland are being turned into tourist at...

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Telltale's The Walking Dead Might Continue

The next episode in Telltale's The Walking Dead final season season arrives on Tuesday, but with the studio now effectively closed, will episodes Three and Four ever release? They might. Telltale announced today that "multiple potential partners" have com...

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Dying Light: Bad Blood Is A Unique Battle Royale That Dries Up Quickly

Dying Light had a simple three-step method to its fun in its derelict, zombie-infested world: parkour antics, fast-paced first-person melee combat, and a deep and rewarding crafting system. It was popular enough to warrant a sequel (which is in developmen...

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