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Titanic explorers' dive reveals 'shocking' state of wreck

First venture to the ship in 15 years finds that features have decayed completelyThe first dive to the Titanic in nearly 15 years has revealed a “shocking” deterioration in the state of the wreck.An international team of explorers made five dives with man...

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New species of stegosaurus uncovered in Moroccan dig

Scientists believe dinosaur dates back to 168m years ago during the middle Jurassic period A new species of one of the most recognisable types of dinosaur is also the oldest of its kind ever discovered, British scientists believe.Remains of a stegosaurus,...

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Fears grow that WW2 wreck could explode on Kent coast

Experts divided over risk from US munitions ship that sank 75 years ago near SheernessIt is 75 years this Tuesday since the SS Richard Montgomery sank off the Kent coast on its way to allied-occupied France. But the remains of the US cargo vessel, which w...

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How Launceston tourism icon Cataract Gorge sprung from a swamp

Launceston's Cataract Gorge is renowned for its "natural" beauty — but what many don't realise is it took dynamite, the digging up of a swamp and the planting of scores of trees over 100 years ago to make it the tourism drawcard it is today.

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