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HS2: how far has work got, and why might it be scrapped?

The High Speed 2 rail project’s future has been thrown into doubt as a new review beginsBooming numbers of passengers on the railways from the late 1990s saw the industry and Whitehall looking for ways to increase capacity. A brand-new high-speed line run...

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Amy's quest to find the fastest commute

Amy Miller tries three different routes to commute from her home in Upper Kedron to her work in Woolloongabba. The public transport route data comes from Google Maps.

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‘Smells of sick’: tube users ponder the Kennington pong

What is causing the vile stink at the south London station, passengers are asking TfLCould it be an undeclared chemical spill by a secretive branch of the military? Or perhaps even the stench from bodies left over from the Black Death? Or is it just … bur...

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