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£495m contract led to army recruitment shortfalls, auditors find

Officials ‘did not understand project’s complexity’ before signing outsourcing dealThe British army authorised a £495m contract with the outsourcing giant Capita to bring in new recruits without understanding the complexity of the project, a report by Whi...

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North and South Korean soldiers shake hands, exchange cigarettes

Troops from the two Koreas cross over the world's most heavily armed border and exchange pleasantries as they verify that a number of each other's guard posts have been removed — a symbolic gesture lauded as "unimaginable in the past".

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Gun deaths in US rise to highest level in 20 years, data shows

Forty thousand people were killed in shootings last year amid a growing number of suicides involving firearms, CDC revealsA steady rise in suicides involving firearms has pushed the rate of gun deaths in the US to its highest rate in more than 20 years, w...

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