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The Link Between Menopause and Alzheimer's

With Alzheimer’s afflicting more women than men, researchers are studying whether the hormonal changes that occur in menopause may affect the development of the disease.

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Roses Are Red, Orchids Are Addictive

Families struggle when flower obsession strikes a loved one; ‘God help us,’ says the father of one 11-year-old who turned the kitchen into a rainforest.

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Key Investors Are Unhappy With SoftBank Fund

Two big outside investors in the Vision Fund, the $100 billion tech-investment fund managed by SoftBank, are worried transfers of stakes between SoftBank and the fund at high valuations could set up future losses.

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Why Your Apps Can Find You, But 911 Can't

Smartphone apps can usually find users quickly and effortlessly, but 911 is often less accurate at finding callers from their cell phones. WSJ’s Spencer Macnaughton looks at efforts to make 911 services more precise.

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