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EU lawmakers to vote on copyright overhaul next Tuesday

EU lawmakers will vote next Tuesday on whether to endorse an overhaul of the bloc's two-decade old copyright rules as Google and internet activists stepped up their criticism of a requirement to install copyright filters.

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Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Mode Detailed In New Trailer

Battlefield 5 is getting the long-awaited arrival of its battle royale mode Firestorm next week, and DICE has released a new trailer (above) along with a ton of details on the mode. The 64-player mode has some recognizable battle royale elements, but with...

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HBO's Deadwood Movie Gets First Trailer And May Release Date

It's taken 13 years, but the Deadwood movie, which continues the story of the HBO series that ended in 2006, is finally ready to show itself to the world. HBO has announced that the film will premiere on the network on May 31 and released the first teaser...

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Sekiro Guide: How Death Impacts Your Journey

Death is an old friend to fans of From Software's Bloodborne and Dark Souls games, as the Soulsborne titles all implement mechanics and features that relate to dying. From Software's newest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is no different. However, death...

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